Saturday, November 5, 2011

Close Only Counts Update

Fort Wayne pop-punk champs Close Only Counts are finally finishing their full length "Do Bad Things" which should be released before the end of the year.  In the meantime, they've put out a free acoustic EP entitled "The View From Down Here" which includes an acoustic version of "She's Lying I'm Dying" and a cover of Saves The Day's "You Vandal"  Support those dudes and download this.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

News Update

The comp, damien johnston, close only counts, and other releases are all still coming out.  Logistics, and saving for a baby have gotten in the way a bit but I'm too stubborn to let it get me down.  More news soon!


New 260 grinding metallic hardcore, how's that for a description.  Featuring dudes, myself included, who are already in a few bands (Parasitic Twins, Na'Kay, Daisycutter) playing fast and pissed.  How's that for a description?  We recently recorded eight originals and two covers that should be out in tape form in the near future.  The recordings were done with Geoff at The Ensomber Room, who is always an awesome dude to work with and we're glad he could make time for us.  Dude's been working on some really great stuff including the latest Macabre record!

We've got two songs posted on our facebook profile, and we're looking forward to writing and playing more shows.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Life After Death (Ex Iceberg, Karloff)

With Karloff on indefinite hiatus and Iceberg currently split up, some of the dudes from each band decided they still had something to say and have come back even stronger with their new band Life After Death.  Taking their name from the Biggie Smalls record and telling tales of the hardships of the daily grind, the bleak outlook is matched with an attack informed by Hatebreed and Crowbar.

You can listen to their debut EP "Respect is Collected" at their stereokiller site.

Also, find them on facebook here.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Close Only Counts In the Studio

Close Only Counts studio update from Eric Pennycoff on Vimeo.

Close Only Counts working on "Do Bad Things".  Out soon.

April News (Comp update, reviews, new stuff, and more)

Just a bit of quick news to catch everyone up on what's been going on with MXD lately.

The compilation I mentioned a little while back is finally starting to come together.  I originally wanted to have all of the tracks by the end of February, but punk rock time is a very real thing, and I'm still waiting on a few of the songs to get to me.  So far I have tracks from Picked Clean, Chaotic NeutralParasitic Twins, Disconnected, Cloud Rat, Kata Sarka, Karloff, and Na'Kay. More bands will be announced soon, and as soon as I get everything together I'll post details on the release.  This should be out by late spring/early summer for tour time!


Parasitic Twins got their demo reviewed at Devd Formats, a blog written by Damien Johnston, who I believe also runs or has a hand in the excellent Seattle based Dead Accents label.  Damien had some nice stuff to say about the tape, and he also happens to make some noise of his own.  Check that out here.


Coffin Maker posted a rough demo of a track from their upcoming cassette on their bandcamp.  The cassette should be out sometime in late summer or early fall and will have 8 new songs.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March News Update

I'm sure it's a lame excuse, but March has been a busy month at work and since I sit at a desk and stare at a computer all day there sometimes I just don't feel like it when I come home.  I finally found some time so here goes.

Close Only Counts CD Re-issue

I sent a tweet out on @MXDRecords last Friday the 4th stating that the cd's had arrived.  They have indeed, but the track listing on the discs themselves is all messed up, read completely out of order.  I'm trying to get a hold of someone at the pressing plant to figure out what can be done about this, so if you were wondering why your pre-order didn't get to you this week that's why.  I apologize for the inconvenience and am trying to get it fixed a soon as possible.  Ideally I will be able to send the old shipment back and get a new one with the correct track listing.  If not, they may have to be sold as is which I suppose would be sort of punk rock and make them a little bit of a collector's item.

At any rate, I'll update everyone as soon as I figure out what's going on.

Upcoming Releases

It's been a couple of months since the last MXD releases came out, and I'm finally able to announce some of the new stuff that's coming up.
I've been working on a cassette compilation of Hardcore, Grind, and Punk from the midwest that will include some killer tracks and a few rarities.  As soon as I have all of the tracks, I'll post the track list and release date.  It should be out by late spring/early summer though.

Also coming soon, is a cd from Fort Wayne's Castles who play some surprisingly heavy indie rock and feature current and former members of Metavari, All Nite Skate, and Graves of The Endless Fall.  This will be a follow up to their debut EP which was released in late 2009 and will be a spring release.

Parasitic Twins has been writing and are planning to record a bunch of songs this spring, some of which will see release on a 7", the rest of which will be kept around for splits, comps, etc. Expect to hear more old school hardcore with as little slow as possible.  Coffin Maker is also currently recording 8 songs for a cassette that should see release sometime this summer.  Expect more dark, sparse, ominous tones with occult themes.

I've got one more under wraps that I should be able to talk about shortly, just don't want to announce anything and then have it fall through.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do Bad Things for Close Only Counts

Fort Wayne's own Close Only Counts are currently working on the follow-up to last October's "You're Not Going To Like What I Have To Say" and are looking for a little help in the art department.

"Hey everyone. We need pictures for the album art of our upcoming full length "Do Bad Things". We need people to make these shirts, do bad things, and have someone take your picture while doing so. If you can make this happen just send us the picture and we will make sure to put it in the cd. Please send the highest quality photos possible (no shitty cell phone camera pics). Thanks. Hope to hear from you guys. Get gross with it."

Just try not to get yourself arrested.

Also, more copies of "You're Not Gonna Like What I Have To Say" will definitely be in stock around the first of March.  If you've already pre-ordered a copy we'll get it sent out as soon as they come in.  If you haven't then get on it.  They are sure to sell out again, and may never be re-pressed. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Midwestern Decline, Neat Neat Neat, and You

Fort Wayne finally has a proper record shop, which means we also have a proper place to sell our releases locally.  Starting today all in stock Midwestern Decline releases will be available at Neat Neat Neat Records and Music on Calhoun Street.

The shop, run by Morrison Agen, who also puts out some awesome records on his label of the same name, carries all sorts of vinyl from any genre as well as a selection of cd's and cassettes.

Aside from Midwestern Decline and Neat Neat Neat releases, fellow Black Heart Mountain Culture Collective member Adam Meyer will have his Sacred Phrases releases available there as well.  Sacred Phrases is responsible for a lot of excellent noise and ambient stuff and we recommend just about the whole discography.

If you're in the neighborhood stop by pick up some music and support a local business that's also supporting what we are doing.  Of course if you aren't in the area our webstore and bandcamp site are always an option.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Close Only Counts Re-Issues have been ordered

The second pressing of Close Only Counts' "You're Not Gonna Like What I Have To Say" is finally on order and will be at MXD headquarters early next month.  This pressing is limited to 100 CDs as the band is currently working on their follow up tentatively titled "Do Bad Things" which should see a spring/summer release.  We are currently taking pre-orders at the MXD store, and they will ship as soon as we get the CDs in.

If you'd like more information regarding Close Only Counts studio time you can follow them on twitter @CloseOnlyCounts.

Speaking of Twitter, Midwestern Decline has also joined the rest of the world and can now be found @MXDRecords.  We will mostly be using the account to tweet news regaridng upcoming releases as well as info on shows and other events in the area.  If you have something you'd like us to tweet just follow us, we'll follow you, and we'll retweet anything that's relevant.

Lastly, the new design on the blog is the handy work of the very talented Dusty Neal who found some time away from his tattooing and zine creating to create the totally badass new look to the blog.  Thanks dude.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Midwestern Decline on Bandcamp

The threat of blizzard like conditions, and terrible roads brought a level 1 snow advisory to most of Northern Indiana yesterday which meant work was closed. I fought the urge to build a snowman and instead stayed inside and uploaded the entire Midwestern Decline catalog to our new Bandcamp site.

This means that every song from all seven MXD releases is available for your listening pleasure. Many of the releases are also available to purchase in digital form for less than their physical counterparts if that's how you roll. The Cloud Rat record is the exception to the rule, as it was a joint venture between three record labels and to my knowledge neither of them are selling digital copies either. In respect to fairness and the hard work that both IFB and Otherwise Dead put in to make that record happen it will only be available to stream.

If you do make a purchase from our bandcamp site you should know that 60% of all sales, after paypal fees and other BS will go straight to the band. The rest will be put back into the label to ensure we can continue to release music in 2011 and beyond.

The bandcamp page can be found at

Happy Listening.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parasitic Twins Download Codes

For those of you who have purchased a tape, you've probably realized that there was no download link included. This was something that was initially planned, and did not get done by the time the tapes started showing up in the wild. If you have purchased the tape and would like to have it in mp3 form please send an email to Also, we now have download links that will come with every tape.

Shirts, as promised in the post back in October are still on the way. A design is still being finalized.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Esoterica/Black Heart Mountain Culture Collective

Midwestern Decline is proud to announce our participation in the Black Heart Mountain Culture Collective. The Collective is a likeminded group of artists committed to creating culturally relevant art. We're also planning on collaborating and doing what we can to further each other's craft.
The fruits of the first such collaboration are now available through Sistine Press. The first 50 copies of "Esoterica", a book of black and white photography focused on esotericism, religion, and the occult, by Dusty Neal will ship with "Invocation.Possesion.Excorcism." the debut 3 song EP from Fort Wayne post-black metal band Coffin Maker.
More information on Black Heart Mountain and it's excellent artists can be found at
All three tracks from the Coffin Maker EP are available for streaming at, and you can pick up a copy of Esoterica for yourself at