Karloff "Bled Dry" CDEP    MXD 001
Dirty and raspy low-end hardcore assault from Indiana. The bass and single-string guitars hit me just like I heard FUDGE TUNNEL the first time- a raw thunder. KARLOFF accentuates those sounds with plenty of mid-paced, floortom-heavy riffs, but they aren't afraid to blaze either (and speaking of blazing, check out the tail-end of "graves" it's like an EYEHATEGOD inspired crush-a-thon), and when they play fast there are elements of '90s start/stop hardcore that show up and sweeten the pot. KARLOFF blends a lot of shit that you've heard before, but southern crust, 90s sludge and modern HC dragged through the mud all sound fucking good when delivered together.  - Chrome Peeler

Bodycheck/Resilient Split CDEP  MXD 002 (PHYSICAL COPIES SOLD OUT)

Fort Wayne Indiana's Bodycheck and Lima Ohio's Resilient team up for a great modern HC split.  Bodycheck play fast thrashy metal tinged hardcore in the vein of Terror and Hatebreed, and Resilient have a darker more mid-tempo take inspired by bands like Disembodied, Unbroken, and Harm's Way.

Cloud Rat "Self Titled" Full Length LP  MXD 003

Mount Pleasant, Michigan grind trio play some of the most furious fast music I've heard in a long time.   There are elements of late 90s screamo (think Orchid, not whatever hot-topic abomination you previously had in mind) and  in a refreshing change their politics harken back to an era where it was still ok to say something with your music.  Recommended for fans of Maruta and Iron Lung.

Released in collaboration with IFB and Otherwise Dead Records

Close Only Counts "You're Not Going To Like What I Have To Say" CDEP  MXD 004  (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!  SECOND PRESSING INFO COMING SOON!)

Close Only Counts also come from Fort Wayne, Indiana and they play sincere pop-punk without all the bullshit auto tune and psuedo R&B trash that has overtaken the scene recently.  If you grew up on New Found Glory, Saves The Day, and Blink 182 then Close Only Counts is probably for you.

Iceberg "Born As Bastards" CDEP  MXD 005

Iceberg lay down six tracks of no nonsense modern metallic hardcore influenced by the trials of life.  They've been perfecting their attack for years and it really shows on "Born As Bastards" as the riffs hit like bricks on concrete.  This is a must have for anyone interested in the likes of Hatebreed or Madball.

Parasitic Twins "Demo" Cassette MXD 006

Parasitic Twins play fast early 80's styled hardcore that has drawn comparisons to Negative Approach, Black Flag, and Voorhees.  This release is 8 tracks in 11 minutes played furiously, railing against modern society and it's polite conventions.  Limited to 100 copies.


Coffin Maker "Invocation.Posseson.Excorcism." CDR MXD 007

Coffin Maker are a new atmospheric post-black metal band with some electronic influences from Fort Wayne.  This release comes packaged exclusively with the first 50 copies of Dusty Neal's "Esoterica" published by Sistine Press.