Sunday, May 22, 2011

News Update

The comp, damien johnston, close only counts, and other releases are all still coming out.  Logistics, and saving for a baby have gotten in the way a bit but I'm too stubborn to let it get me down.  More news soon!


New 260 grinding metallic hardcore, how's that for a description.  Featuring dudes, myself included, who are already in a few bands (Parasitic Twins, Na'Kay, Daisycutter) playing fast and pissed.  How's that for a description?  We recently recorded eight originals and two covers that should be out in tape form in the near future.  The recordings were done with Geoff at The Ensomber Room, who is always an awesome dude to work with and we're glad he could make time for us.  Dude's been working on some really great stuff including the latest Macabre record!

We've got two songs posted on our facebook profile, and we're looking forward to writing and playing more shows.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Life After Death (Ex Iceberg, Karloff)

With Karloff on indefinite hiatus and Iceberg currently split up, some of the dudes from each band decided they still had something to say and have come back even stronger with their new band Life After Death.  Taking their name from the Biggie Smalls record and telling tales of the hardships of the daily grind, the bleak outlook is matched with an attack informed by Hatebreed and Crowbar.

You can listen to their debut EP "Respect is Collected" at their stereokiller site.

Also, find them on facebook here.