Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's been a while since we've posted any news, but we wanted everyone to know we were still alive. Here's what's been going on at Midwestern Decline over the last few weeks.

Close Only Counts debut EP is currently being mixed and mastered by Joel Lauver of Burning Bridges Studios (Roadrunner, Goodfellow, Metal Blade). It was recorded by Matt Riefler of Fort Wayne Indiana, and it's sounded excellent to say the least.

The Resilient/Bodycheck split CD is still on the way. It should be at the pressing plant very soon, and both bands are playing shows around the region all summer.

As previously mentioned, the Cloud Rat LP is currently being pressed and the artwork is being finalized. You can all expect that one sometime this summer as well.

Karloff is headed in to the studio on Saturday, the 15th to record new material and one old favorite for an upcoming split with Sick To Deth, featuring Eric and Nick from Daisycutter. This release will be a partnership between Midwestern Decline and Insurgency Records.

All in all, we're way stoked for how the summer is shaping up and hope to have more news to share with you soon.