Thursday, February 3, 2011

Midwestern Decline on Bandcamp

The threat of blizzard like conditions, and terrible roads brought a level 1 snow advisory to most of Northern Indiana yesterday which meant work was closed. I fought the urge to build a snowman and instead stayed inside and uploaded the entire Midwestern Decline catalog to our new Bandcamp site.

This means that every song from all seven MXD releases is available for your listening pleasure. Many of the releases are also available to purchase in digital form for less than their physical counterparts if that's how you roll. The Cloud Rat record is the exception to the rule, as it was a joint venture between three record labels and to my knowledge neither of them are selling digital copies either. In respect to fairness and the hard work that both IFB and Otherwise Dead put in to make that record happen it will only be available to stream.

If you do make a purchase from our bandcamp site you should know that 60% of all sales, after paypal fees and other BS will go straight to the band. The rest will be put back into the label to ensure we can continue to release music in 2011 and beyond.

The bandcamp page can be found at

Happy Listening.

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