Monday, February 14, 2011

Close Only Counts Re-Issues have been ordered

The second pressing of Close Only Counts' "You're Not Gonna Like What I Have To Say" is finally on order and will be at MXD headquarters early next month.  This pressing is limited to 100 CDs as the band is currently working on their follow up tentatively titled "Do Bad Things" which should see a spring/summer release.  We are currently taking pre-orders at the MXD store, and they will ship as soon as we get the CDs in.

If you'd like more information regarding Close Only Counts studio time you can follow them on twitter @CloseOnlyCounts.

Speaking of Twitter, Midwestern Decline has also joined the rest of the world and can now be found @MXDRecords.  We will mostly be using the account to tweet news regaridng upcoming releases as well as info on shows and other events in the area.  If you have something you'd like us to tweet just follow us, we'll follow you, and we'll retweet anything that's relevant.

Lastly, the new design on the blog is the handy work of the very talented Dusty Neal who found some time away from his tattooing and zine creating to create the totally badass new look to the blog.  Thanks dude.

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