Sunday, April 10, 2011

April News (Comp update, reviews, new stuff, and more)

Just a bit of quick news to catch everyone up on what's been going on with MXD lately.

The compilation I mentioned a little while back is finally starting to come together.  I originally wanted to have all of the tracks by the end of February, but punk rock time is a very real thing, and I'm still waiting on a few of the songs to get to me.  So far I have tracks from Picked Clean, Chaotic NeutralParasitic Twins, Disconnected, Cloud Rat, Kata Sarka, Karloff, and Na'Kay. More bands will be announced soon, and as soon as I get everything together I'll post details on the release.  This should be out by late spring/early summer for tour time!


Parasitic Twins got their demo reviewed at Devd Formats, a blog written by Damien Johnston, who I believe also runs or has a hand in the excellent Seattle based Dead Accents label.  Damien had some nice stuff to say about the tape, and he also happens to make some noise of his own.  Check that out here.


Coffin Maker posted a rough demo of a track from their upcoming cassette on their bandcamp.  The cassette should be out sometime in late summer or early fall and will have 8 new songs.

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