Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The few of you that read this may notice the new header at the top of the page. It was created by my good friend Dusty Neal of New Republic Tattoo. He also did some other art for the label that will be appearing on all Midwestern Decline releases. Aside from a generally rad dude to everyone in Karloff and most of the Northern Indiana scene, Dusty is an amazing artist, and you can check out his blog here. He is also doing the artwork for Karloff's "Bled Dry" and I'll be sharing that as soon as possible.

Also, I wanted to reiterate that if you are a band, label, venue owner, promoter, zine maker, whatever, I would like to share what you are doing on this blog. I don't only want to talk about what is going on in Fort Wayne, or with Karloff, or Midwestern Decline records, I want to talk about anyone who is doing something to better the state of our scene. If you, or anyone you know is doing something let me know either through this blog or at dkinnaley@gmail.com and I will gladly do a write up.

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