Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Upcoming Shows

I would like to let everyone know of a few shows we have coming up. First of all, this Saturday we have the privilege of playing with some old friends of ours when Saints Never Surrender get back together for a one off reunion show.

I can't really say enough about what this band means to me or to Fort Wayne's hardcore scene in general. There was a time when 200+ kids would show up at Anchor Community Church just because Saints was playing, and despite the fact that they were playing at a church there was nothing dogmatic or preachy about the band, something I think is a common misconception. They did the melodic hardcore thing before it was horribly over saturated with mediocre me too bands, and with their 2008 release Brutus I feel they released one of the most mature, records in a genre that I feel is often overly melodramtic and full of empty "scene unity", "brotherhood", and "posi" sentiments. They didn't do that, and are well worth checking out.

More importantly, the show is a benefit. I'm not sure which food bank the canned food items are headed too, but feeding anyone this winter is a good cause and if you are planning on making it out to the show, please bring a few cans of food

In The Face of War, Iceberg, and Metavari are also playing, and I could say plenty of nice things about all of them.

We are also playing Grind the Nite Away III at 1624 N. Harrison St. The annual big fest at the house is always one of my favorite shows of the year, and shouldn't be missed by anyone. The guys at the Harrison House have been doing all ages shows for years, and those who have not yet made it out there are really doing themselves a great disservice. Anyone interested in a DIY scene should understand the importance of all ages shows put on by people who actually care about what they are doing. These guys do. This year's lineup is awesome and here are links to all of the bands except Happy Birthday. I couldn't find a page to link to them. However, I'm sure since they are a grind band from Lima that they are worth checking out.

The Lurking Corpses
Peter J Woods
Instinct Control
The Fucking Panthers
Pizza Hi-Five
Daisy Cutter
Happy Birthday

Also DJ Fresh Ben will be spinning between sets, and seeing as how he spins everything from Slayer to Jedi Mind Tricks he is my favorite DJ.

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