Tuesday, January 26, 2010

History Lesson

Every now and then my generally fruitless myspace lurking has some benefits. One of which was stumbling across the Indiana Punk and Metal Flyer/Poster Archive. There are a ton of awesome 80s flyers just like the Samhain one featured above, and I was truly impressed with just how vast the collection was. It stretches way back to 1978 and continues to the present and features everything from Slayer and Type O Negative to TSOL and Black Flag. I spent a good hour taking everything in. You can check it out for yourself at www.myspace.com/punkandmetalflyers.

Likewise, Fort Wayne's own Adam Lewis of the Lurking Corpses and the recently defunct Graves of The Endless Fall hosts a similar collection that's entirely Fort Wayne focused at www.myspace.com/ftwpunkmetalhardcore260. Along with his Fort Wayne flyer collection, Adam has links to some older Fort Wayne bands, and he details his favorite local releases of the past two years. I also recommend keeping an eye on his myspace as well, especially if you are from Fort Wayne.

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